I'm a software engineer in Paris and have been coding stuff for more than 10 years. As an experienced backend developper, I speak fluently Golang, C, PHP (w/ Symfony, Laravel), Python (w/ Django, Flask), C++ (w/ Qt, Boost) and Java. I love PostgreSQL, Redis or Rabbitmq and kinda interested in new "nosql" techs such as Cassandra/Scylladb, Hadoop/Hbase... You name it!

Currently launching a programming bar called "Au Tapas Ecossais". More to come soon!

Skills & XP

See my full experience on linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrickmarie. You can also grab my CV (french, english).

Personal projects

  • bgutil-rs - A Rust rewrite of criteo biggraphite's bgutil (Github)
  • mnkPasswordKeeper - Pass wallet for Windows/Linux/Mac OSX (Sources)
  • helloTipiBackup - Backup tool for your hellotipi contents (Binaries and sources)