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DG'hAck 2023: Damn CTF!

Cilium: Enabling Hubble, Ingress Controller on LAN

Installing Kubernetes With Cilium

Packer and Terraform With Proxmox

ssh: Cleaning known_hosts obsolete entries

Advent of Code 2022

100 Days of K8S with Typescript

101 Chunks of Rust

Playing With Minikube

Building a Simple Webapi Using Actix

Trying Out Opentelemetry in Dotnet

Testing Jaeger With Opentelemetry Part 2

Testing Jaeger With Opentelemetry

DG'hAck: Jobboard and Involucrypt2

DG'hAck: Sad Crypto and Stickitup

DG'hAck: Gitbad, Bwing & Shadowmallet, Time for something different

DG'hAck: Easy Challenges

DG'hAck 2020: The 'dharma.exe' challenge

Kubernetes: Launching & accessing running applications inside the cluster

Setup & running kubernetes

Setup & running systemd user services

Bitcoin: Parsing the chainstate

Ethereum: Up & Running

Recreating a ecdsa key pair using Openssl

Generating a genesis block

Sending a message in the blockchain

Understanding bitcoin addresses (part 2)

Accessing Bitcoin core RPCs

Understanding bitcoin addresses (part 1)

Reading memory information under Linux systems

VirtualBox and external dhcp management with dnsmasq

Sending/recieving events through Rabbitmq with Pika & Tornado

PHP: Misknown OOP functions

Python: Reload source files

Cleaning PostgreSQL tables

Encrypt your usb key under Linux with LUKS

xhprof, profiling PHP: Installation & configuration

OpenSSL: First steps with Hashing and crypt functions

Hello World